_MG_6911Baan Dada Children’s Home is a project initiated and supported by the Neo-Humanist Foundation, a non-profit social service organization aiming to contribute to sustainable development of the individual, the community and the environment. Situated in a small Thai village on the Thailand-Burma border, the home is a safe haven for over 40 disadvantaged children, orphans, children coming from single-parent, abusive or financially struggling families. Providing not only food and shelter and a focus on their education, we seek to encourage further development through teaching them life skills such as weaving, art, foreign languages, cooking and baking, music and technical skills.

We also inspire our children to be grateful for the opportunities they get and to further give back to others, therefore a crucial part of this project is helping communities from remote Thai and Karen-Mon-Burmese villages by donating food, clothes, toys and school supplies, doing Medical Outreach Programs, building schools and hospitals and supporting school and medical staff.

The Baan Dada family is like any other typical family: we take good care of our home, we cook, play music together, we make time for homework, but also for a good swim in the Ban Mai river, a film night and many other fun activities and, above all, we encourage each other to be hard-working, kind, driven, honest and compassionate.

“It’s the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.”
― Frank Warren