Volunteer Application

Volunteering at Baan Dada requires a combination of English teaching, office work and physical outdoor work. This will depend on what is happening when you are here and where you are needed most. Areas of work can include:

  • Education: teaching English to children / adults / at the primary school; teach music; teach first aid; teach sewing; teach yoga and child counseling (requires professional experience)
  • Child supervision and activities: cooking; supervise chores; and plan weekend activities such as arts and crafts, sports, dancing, exercise etc.
  • Land: agricultural; greenhouse maintenance; construction and general labour
  • Office work: correspondence by email; social media updates; marketing and communication; fundraising; website maintenance and computer work (including repairs and software updates)

 ******Please note: Volunteers will be working extensively with children. Baan Dada therefore requires a completed application form and one of the following from all applicants: a criminal record report or a referral letter from a long-term volunteer (past or present).

******Also, once accepted, volunteers must send a copy of their passport.




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