Teewado School Building Project

This project is the construction of a school in Teewado village in Burma, a Karen village 15 minutes drive away from the site of Balaidunpaik Hospital Building Project.

The road to Teewado school

The current school in the village has very limited space and can only accommodate 4 classes from Grade 1 to Grade 4, after which the children have to travel to another village for further education. Without any other forms of transportation, most children have to walk their way to school on muddy trails. There are no separate classrooms at the school, all classes are taught in a big hall, which can cause a lot of distraction when different classes are going on at the same time.

On top of that, the current school structure does not let in a sufficient amount of light, and there is no consistent source of electricity in the village. This can be a significant hurdle to teaching in rainy season when sunlight is scarce. Wire mash will be used as part of the new structure to improve lighting. The children were having a Karen class when we visited.

A Karen class at Teewado School

IMG_8928Ms. Trecia  Lim,  an architect from Singapore, has kindly offered to assist us with this project. She will be visiting the site in October 2017 and is planning to use local materials as much as possible for cost and energy efficiency. She will also be looking at how we can enhance the current structure without adding too much cost. Once its construction is finished, classes will be taught in the new building, and the old school building will be used as a library for the students. School supplies such as blackboards will be donated too as part of the project.

Teewado school

Please note that all photographs are taken under the permission of the teachers and are for fundraising purposes only. We are seeking sponsors for building materials for the school. Although we will try to use as much as possible, things like metal frame, and roofing materials have to be bought outside the village and transported to the building site.

More information on the project will be posted here as the project starts.