Agriculture and Sustainability


We have many bees that enjoy our gardens (and our home) and would like to ensure they have a safe place to live and produce their honey. We have purchased our first beehive and would welcome any volunteers with beekeeping experience to help out with the launch and maintenance of this project for sustainability purposes.




We are currently exploring the idea of aqua-ponics that could help further boost our crop production in preparation for rainy season in Thailand. Anyone who is interested in the project is more than welcome to join us with your financial resources, relevant contacts or even your expert knowledge.


We have finished installing the 40 x 140 meter greenhouse. We have planted lettuce, string beans, Chinese spinach, carrots, coriander, gourd and pahakanna. This is an ongoing project and there is always gardening and maintenance to be done. Volunteers can raise money to buy additional seeds and tools. We want to build an additional greenhouse to sell these vegetables at the local markets for income generation to help supplement our expenditure.

The greenhouse in September

Composting and Gardening:

To support our agricultural project, we want to produce our own organic compost in liquid and dry form. We are also planning to build a composting toilet as part of this project. This will be particularly useful in the dry season when there is limited water. We prefer volunteers who have knowledge about composting to take on this project. However, volunteers who have an interest in this are also welcome.

***Volunteer Required***We are seeking volunteers (long-term 6 months plus preferred, short-term also welcome) with farming or agricultural experience, who can preferably work self-supervised, although those with a strong interest can receive some guidance and supervision. Areas of work would include weeding, watering plants. composting, water conservation, irrigation and the greenhouse. Those interested please complete the application form on the ‘Volunteer’ page!


Meditation Centre:

We have started work on our Meditation Centre and are very excited about this project. The Centre will be available for everyone at the home (volunteers, children, and workers) who want quiet time and a space for mediation. This project needs hardworking, fearless volunteers who aren’t afraid of jungle vegetation and getting dirty. We are currently finishing the roof and will be looking next to build out flooring for the centre, a bridge, as well as a nice walking path around the building. Volunteers with carpentry or building experience would be useful for this project.


Past Projects

Here is an idea of the types of projects volunteers have worked on in the last few months:

– Sorted and organized eyeglasses in the clinic and painted the clinic

– Knocked down and rebuilt a small house for long-term volunteers

– Made tables and basic furniture

– Welded the bridge from main house to volunteer house

– Planted vegetables and did gardening/clearing/weeding in the greenhouse

– Painted the beams and did welding on the second floor of the boys’ house

– Painted the beams in the kitchen

– Painted the beams of the volunteer house to prevent rust

– Replaced the fence and did gardening at the volunteer house

– Collected broken asphalt to use to ‘pave’ the path from the main home to the volunteer house

– Cleared the land near the volunteer house for future building of the Wellness Centre

– Started planning the Wellness Centre (design, layout, website construction, fundraising, and consultation with an architect and a landscape designer)

– Worked on the Twin Towers

– Re-painted the girl’s house

– Made mud bricks for the Twin Towers (play equipment)

– Plastered the playroom

Painting the girls’ house

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