Vaccination Program 

Many villages around the border of Thailand and Burma lack even the most basic health care services. The vaccination program was initiated in February 2009 by Baan Dada Children’s Home, along with the help of volunteer medics from the Mon National Health Commitee (MNHC). This program takes place between November and April.

Children receive vaccinations for Hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles, polio and tuberculosis. Women receive Hep.B vaccination and the tetanus vaccination to prevent infection during child delivery, and medics to prevent infection while working.

A total of 27 villages within the borders of Burma, 3,600 children and 1,500 women have benefited from this program so far. Since the vaccination program began, there have been no reported cases of tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps or rubella in the children who were given vaccinations.

Education Projects

Technical School Project

The closest higher learning centre is 225km away!  We plan to start a Technical School which will offer courses in Automotive Technology, Industrial Mechanics Technology, and Electrical Technology.

The location of the school will be in Huay Ma Lai, on the property attached to the Children’s Home. There is a great need for a higher learning centre in this area for two main reasons, 1) the financial limitations of most families in the area, and 2) the travelling restrictions put on the non-Thais by the Thai government.

We also plan to have an education extension program within Baan Dada for youth living in Burma, so one hour away from our site. Select individuals will be sponsored to come to our school.

At the moment we are still raising funds to start building this school.
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