Balaidunpaik Hospital Building Project


This is a building project at Balaidunpaik village in Burma. It has been kindly supported by our friends in Singapore, Firefly Mission. Firefly Mission is a humanitarian organization based on the teachings of Buddhism. Living conditions are very basic in Balaidunpaik, where there is no tap water supply and houses are built with mostly bamboos. With its existing  wooden medical clinic on the verge of collapsing, a new medical facility is needed, where the villagers can seek treatment in times of plight.


Hospital 1
Laying the foundation for the building

The clinic consists of an emergency room, a dormitory for the medics, an out-patient facility, a laboratory, and two water tanks to store rainwater. A lot of building materials, including pebbles and boulders from the river bed nearby, were acquired nearby to be more cost efficient.

Hospital 2
Transferring building materials with some volunteers
Hospital 3
Building in progress 

The clinic will be run by local medics who can carry out basic medical procedures including suturing, malaria tests and diagnosis, and child delivery, but the clinic will still be in need of a trained physician. Unfortunately the clinic will still be fairly limited in terms of medication, due to its remote location and lack of electricity to provide a refrigerated storage unit. Procedures like suturing often involve the use of anesthetics, which are not widely available in the area. We have been looking at alternatives such as topical anesthetic spray.

The project is scheduled to be finished by July 2017. Our gratitude goes out to everyone who has made this project possible, from the sponsors to the volunteer villagers. Through this project, we have also had the chance to learn more about the current needs of the local community, including the Teewado village where there will be another building project soon.

School Teacher Support Program in Balaidunpaik

As part of our hospital building project, we have also been raising funds for the Kindergarten school at Balaidunpaik. Kindergarten schools in Balaidunpaik are supported by providing teachers. Sponsoring the teacher’s monthly salary enables the mothers of these children to find work to supplement their daily needs.

With this project on the verge of completion, it opens up doors for more volunteering opportunities. If you have been practicing medicine and would like to volunteer at the medical clinic, please do not hesitate to drop us an email for more information.