Baan Dada’s sponsorship program provides a very important contribution to the children’s education and living necessities, giving them hope for a successful future. You will receive letters and pictures from the child throughout the year, and we welcome correspondence from you as well!

Types of Sponsorship

Education: 1,000 baht/month (approx. $33 USD) Covers the cost of school supplies and uniforms

Basic: 2,000 baht/month (approx. $66 USD) Covers the cost of food and clothing

Full: 3,000 baht/month (approx $99 USD) Covers the cost of all needs from food to education

                       Pim and Fa

How to Sponsor a Child

Please email us at baandadavolunteer@gmail.com and we can let you know who needs sponsorship and how you can start sponsoring a child today! If you can’t commit to sponsoring a child in the long term we would still appreciate any donations you wish to give to the home.  Please check out the ‘Donate’ section of the website. Please note: Funds received through the sponsorship program will cover your sponsored child’s needs and also assist the home in general. Children are sponsored up until the completion of highschool.

Children Who Need Sponsorship

Education: None at the moment

Basic: Malai, Kamput, Ekachai, Mongkon and Ongsonai


Malai is 15 years old and wants to own a shop one day


Ekachai is 16 years old and likes to draw and play music










Full: None at the moment.