We believe it is important to support ourselves as much as possible and we rely heavily on selling hand-made products by the children and the mothers.

Children making bracelets

Crafts made by the Children

The children create cards, bookmarks, bracelets and key chains to sell at events and performances.

We suggest the following donations for each:

  • Bookmarks: 30 baht
  • Cards: 30 baht
  • Key chains: 30 baht
  • Bracelets: 30 – 50 baht

(plus postage costs)

Please refer to the following photos for more details.

One of our older children, Ramesh (aka Rambo), is a very talented landscape painter. He sells his canvas paintings in galleries in Singapore, England, and Thailand. If you are interested in purchasing a painting for you or your gallery, please email us  at baandadavolunteer@gmail.com. This is a wonderful way to encourage Ramesh to continue practising art, while also sponsoring his university education.

100% of the profits go towards education fees and medical expenses.  In addition, the children are given an allowance for each item they make, which they can spend as they wish.

Traditional Karen Weavings

We employ one woman to weave products to raise money for our home. In exchange for a reliable monthly salary, she makes bags, scarves, blankets, place mats, table cloths and traditional Karen clothing for us to sell through volunteers and our website.

A few of the older girls have been getting sewing and weaving lessons and are now also making these products. They sell these at the Saturday night market in Sangkhlaburi and the money earnt goes into their own bank account to help save for future further education.

Now at Baan Dada, you can Learn Karen Ethnic Style Cloth Weaving! Taught by the children, it is a fun skill to learn and at the same time you will be helping these children save money for their future higher education. Cost required is 1,000 baht for 6 sessions – this includes the material to make a scarf and you can take home what you make! More details can be found once you are here.

If you are interested in seeing photos of weaving and perhaps purchasing any of these products, or know someone who would be able to sell them through a local store in your community, please email us at  baandadavolunteer@gmail.com!


The weaving lady and the older girls making weaving products

We suggest the following donations for each:

  • Blankets: 300 baht
  • Pants:  300 baht
  • Scarfs:  200 baht
  • Place Mats:  70 baht
  • Bags: 350-450 baht
  • Karen Clothing: 550-750 baht

Please refer to the following photos for more details.

Volunteer T-shirts

Want a souvenir of your time at Baan Dada? We now have volunteer t-shirts for sale for only 300 baht. There are 6 colors, pink, blue, lime green, orange, white and grey, and come in 4 sizes, x-small, small, medium and large. You can buy these at Baan Dada in the Handicraft Shop or we can post to you for the cost of the t-shirt plus postage costs.


Volunteer t-shirts – grey, blue and white in x-small and orange in small

Our Picture Book

The picture book ‘We are Family – Picture stories from the boys and girls of Baan Dada Children’s Home’ was created by David Revere, a past volunteer at Baan Dada. The picture stories are drawn by the children and reflect the precious and wonder-filled point of view of children growing up in this unique environment. All proceeds of the sale of this book go to support the home and its community service projects.

To purchase this book: http://www.lulu.com/shop/david-revere/we-are-family-picture-stories-from-baan-dada-childrens-home/paperback/product-21091703.html.

Our Cookbook

In the Neohumanist philosophy the kids are taught “Love for all created beings in this world.” All of the food prepared by the children at Baan Dada is fresh and vegetarian. One of our previous volunteers combined her favorite recipes into a hardbound cookbook available for purchase here. 100% of the proceeds go to the children’s home. Get your own copy to start enjoying these delicious and simple recipes today!

Our Cookbook